Tips State of Survival F2P Guide Expert

State of Survival Free to Play Guide Expert

State of Survival Free to Play Guide Expert, being a strong free player is not easy, you need high dedication compared to play to win players. Free player players must be very efficient and careful in making decisions.

In addition, F2P players are almost impossible to become a qualified rally leader, because they will be unable to compete with paid players. Even if it happens free players take 2 years to have a quality account that is respected by other players.

How do you get the best at state of survival?

In this article we will explain how to become a very strong free players (F2P) in a relatively short time for free players. This tutorial will guide you through understanding the whole state of survival (SOS) game as well as being a strong foundation to face the challenges of the game in the early game and in the future.

F2P Player Priority

What are the priorities for free players? Of course prizes and benefits is the most logical answer. You should be able to get the maximum possible rewards and benefits from various events.

Both in-game events and additional events from developers such as participating in events held on Facebook State of Survival.


Rewards are like breath for free players, but there are types of items and materials that must be collected as early as possible, because they will determine your success in the future.

Here is a list of gifts while hunting;

  1. Plasma Core.
  2. Hero Gear Materials.
  3. Legendary Hero Fragment.
  4. Chief Gear.
  5. Chairman’s Gear Strengthening Badge.

Players can get these items and types of materials for free by completing the requirements and tasks given in an event, free players must control themselves. Completing the event requirements will drain the backpack, so you have to be wise. That is, when you have got a decent amount of prizes, then stop because you have to have savings.

That way you can complete the requirements at various other events in the future.

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Additional Benefits

To get more additional benefits, you must join a large alliance, because it is more likely to get various extra rewards, buff benefits, and guarantee your security from other players’ attacks.

Here’s a list of additional benefits for free players to know:

  • Buff analysis center and capital city.
  • Alliance crates.
  • Bunker rewards, capital cities and perks.
  • Rally filler benefits.

If the prizes and benefits are calculated, there are certainly many and will definitely help players become stronger.

Focus PvE Battle Power

Prioritizing PvE (Player versus Environment) upgrades, free players should focus on increasing PvE battle power compared to PvP, because events and contests are very PvE dependent.

For example underground shadow exploration (Y.I.T.H), Influencer traps, and hordes plus a number of other special events that also rely on PvE rather than PvP.

Conclusion: If you focus on improving PvE you will get more premium rewards, including chief gear material, leader gear strengthening badge, and hero gear material, ETC.

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Best F2P Players Build Planing

Our professional team has done in-depth research to create the best strategy that can help FTP get more profits and rewards.

Starting with a strategy to build suitable account criteria to hunt for rewards as well as tips and tricks that are easy to apply to state of survival games.


The sooner you reach hq 30, the Intel Post will give you free plasma every refresh supply. If it is accumulated with prizes obtained from various events, it will certainly increase plasma core income.

Why is the plasma nucleus important? Once you reach HQ level 30 the building upgrade is very dependent on the plasma core material besides that you also need plasma when researching rtops level 11 and 12. To reach plasma building 8 and research troops tier 11, and 12 is certainly not easy. But you have to do something to achieve it.

Having 5 plasma buildings and researching tier 11 troops is a realistic target for free players. There have been many free players who have managed to do it.

Riset Build Step by Step

Prioritize improving research development then battle then economic. This method is not perfect but for players without capital this strategy is the best.

Your goal in development research is to complete the training routine up to level 7. Thus the training time of troops will be shorter, then you have to focus on battle research.

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*Note: It is highly recommended to increase army lethality research, infantry health, and hunters.

While the attack and defense power can be delayed, because it is quite large considering the hero’s skill. The basic benefits of the head gear and hero gear are enough to support attack and defense.

As for economic research, it is the latter, because it only deals with the speed of resource collection. You can get around this by creating a 2nd account as a farm account.

*Notice: In the end you have to increase all research levels to the maximum but for free players it takes a very long time, so you should prioritize the type of research that is most useful.

Tips Hero Gear State of Survival

There are two types of gear that are very important and difficult to obtain, especially the material for the chief gear. However, the game mechanics test proves that the hero gear is superior to the chief gear, especially at the beginning of the game.

It is highly recommended for free players to focus on getting hero gear materials and upgrading hero gear as soon as possible at the right time.

*Important: Influencer trap is an event that should not be missed by an ftp because the trap event provides a lot of hero gear material.

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Increasing the rank of heroes is very important, especially for legendary heroes of the next generation, because it provides higher battle stats than the heroes of the previous generation.

To get legendary hero fragments is very difficult, then you have to focus on increasing your account membership to VIP 9. You need more than 1000 fragments to make 1 general rank hero for epic and elite heroes, it’s not difficult, you just have to rally the infected demon, complete the intel post and explorer trail.

With VIP 9 membership you will get 2 legendary fragments every day so you will have hope to increase the rank of the legendary heroes you have.

Chief Gear State of Survival

Collecting tactical equipment is the main target for free players compared to other chief gear materials and other materials, because these items are very difficult to obtain for free. By applying the guidelines in this article, free players can have a full epic tactical gear set in less than 5 months.

The order of priority for upgrading tactical gear must be in accordance with the picture above, starting with increasing the chief gear hunter, then the rider, and finally the infantry tactical gear.

The order to build epic tactical chief gear is absolutely applicable for free players because you really need the attack power of hunter and rider soldiers for trap and horde events.

Explanation: Hunter and Rider soldiers’ attacks dealt more damage points to trap monsters, while infantry dealt only a small amount of damage other than that the infantry army horde event was completely useless because it didn’t add any additional score at all.

*Notice: For bunkers, facilities, and capital class events, you don’t need to worry because at this stage you only need to be a rally filler.

If you have completed the tactical gear set, you only need to focus on improving the infantry chief gear then the hunter, and don’t need to upgrade the rider chief gear.

Ideal Army

In the end the infantry group became the prima donna but not at the beginning of the game. Before you successfully train 800,000 combinations of trops hunter and rider, a minimum of tier 10.

Where this amount can fill 6 march full hunter troops for influencer trap events and protect your settlement and friends at horde events. The ideal ideal troop quantity ratio is 3:1, troop infantry must be 3x more than the total sum of hunters and trops riders.

If you apply our tips you will succeed in creating the ideal number of troops, faster, effective and efficient methods, and easy to implement.

Chief Talent

Make sure you’re on economic talent and only use military talent during reservoir raid, infected mobs, and azurtane events. The master talent reset item is very valuable, you can find the item in the alliance store by exchanging 63 thousand alliance coins or with 2000 biocaps.

It is highly recommended for players without top up exchanging alliance coins with talent research when item discounts are 40-70% and the remaining coins can be exchanged for construction speed ups at the beginning of the game.

If you no longer need construction speed then you have to exchange it for speed up training troops and research, not with other items.

Important Events for F2P Player

There are two categories of events that must be followed by free players, namely in-game events and out-of-game events held by state of survival game developers. In general, events held by state of survival developers are on the official state of survival facebook page, you only need to complete easy tasks according to the instructions.

The following is a list of events that must be followed for players without top up:

  1. Influencer trap.
  2. Capital class and SVS war stage.
  3. Infected mob.
  4. Reservoir raid (Tactical).
  5. Alliance beta (Leader gear kit).
  6. Y.I.T.H/ M.I.G.O (Tactical).

In essence, all of the above list of events offer leader gear material prizes and leader gear reinforcement badges. But the most important thing for free players is to take part in events that reward tactical equipment materials.

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The more active players are in participating in the event, the more prizes will be generated and free players will become stronger if they use it according to the recommended usage recommendations.

In addition to prizes from the event, players will get additional prizes from the redem code given by the developer or gift away. That’s a complete explanation of how become best f2p state of survival players and become great players without top up.

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