The Right Way Use Biocap for F2P and Low Spenders

Tips Biocap for F2P and Low Spenders SOS

Biocap is a very valuable medium of exchange in the game state of survival. Players must spend wisely, especially for novice players, free or low spenders.

So that you are not mistaken when using biocap. Kepotek has prepared a list of items that are very important to get on SOS and why.

Notice: It is very important for F2p and low spenders to understand how to use biocap wisely if you don’t want to regret it in the future.

Our research shows that 93% of players regret using biocap the wrong way and end up retiring from the game state of survival.

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Eligible Items are Exchanged with Biocap

There are only 4 items that are allowed to be exchanged for biocaps while other groups of items can be obtained in other ways without having to sacrifice biocaps.

The following items are worth exchanging for biocaps:

  1. VIP Points
  2. Tactical gear design
  3. Plasma Core
  4. Badge Tags

If you are a new player in a new state you will not find some of these items but in the future you will really need all of the above items.

So when that day comes, you don’t need to panic because you already have enough stock items and lots of biocap savings.

VIP Point

Increasing membership to VIP 9 is one of the main targets of free to player in the game state of survival. I have proven F2P can reach VIP 9 in less than 3 months.

Tips How to use VIP Point State of Survival

How to get VIP points is very easy and free. You only need to exchange biocaps for VIP points, you can also buy VIP points at discounted prices through market stalls.

Most of the players exchange biocaps with heroes at the beginning of the game by buying hero vouchers and spin medie and frank but that’s a fatal mistake.


As a free to player or low spender, you have to focus on the next generation heroes and don’t need to rush.

The main thing about vip 9 is the general leader exp and legendary fragments which will make it easier for players to increase the rank of legendary heroes.

Tactical Gear Design

Not all head gear materials need to be purchased. You are allowed to buy tactical gear design items with biocap while other chairman gear materials are not.

If you find the item on the daily deal store you can immediately buy it without having to think long.

Tactical Gear Design

Because the tactical gear design material is a rare item and F2P needs it to upgrade the head gear which requires a very large amount while it will be very difficult to get it for free.

Players can find advance alloys, adhesives, chief gear tools quite easily from various events. That way you don’t have to waste your valuable biocap.

Plasma Core

Plasma Core is very important to collect. These materials can be found in intel posts but they are very few in number whereas you will need a lot of plasma cores to upgrade building and future research.

You are allowed to exchange biocaps for this item through various events that offer plasma cores in return.

Events that offer plasma core prizes will be held after the state completes the intel state, besides that you can also get the plasma core through the intel post by killing infected zombies if you have reached HQ Level 30 when the state has completed the intel state.

Head Gear Reinforcement Badge

The function of this item is to increase the health and lethality of soldiers. The leader badge is part of the chief gear, the difference being in the attack effect.

Head Gear Reinforcement Badge

Chief gear provides attack power while lethality will provide critical attacks to the target. In the SOS game, it can be concluded that attacks obtained from lethality are more effective and can even produce multiple times of damage.

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