State of Survival Review 2022: Zombie War Game

State of Survival Review

State Of survival: Zombie War is a great choice to play, if you are looking for a zombie-themed game and a mix of RTS+RPG genres. This game that requires teamwork, strategic and mentality to survive in this post-apocalyptic world is very popular and has been downloaded by 50 million smartphone and PC users.

You can compete with many players and alliances fairly, even if you are a free player category or commonly called F2P (Free to Player), or as a paid player.

Review Game Features State of Survival

When you enter the game, you will immediately be presented with various views of buildings that are not maintained, shabby, and accompanied by music that makes the game seem even more tense. When you leave the settlement you will meet various disgusting and terrible zombie characters.

Officially, the developer of the state of survival game has collaborated with the company that made the walking dead series, DC (The Joker), Funplush, etc.

Those of you who follow the story series will certainly be familiar with the hero characters in this game, such as Daryl, Sarge (seargeant), Rusty, Maddie, Joker, and others.

Fair Game & Free Premium Rewards

State of survival game lovers don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy premium items: such as hero gear, biocap, chief gear, chief gear badges, hero fragments, battle buffs, march skins, HQ, and Frames even at high prices. However, there are ways to get lots of premium prizes for free at various internal and external game events, usually held on the state of survival facebook page and reedem code (redemption code).

Free Premium Rewards State of Survival

State of survival game developers have proven to be very serious about supporting free players to always be able to compete with spenders. With a little effort, free to player players can get a lot of premium rewards for free.

If you want to know state of survival tips for f2p or low spenders, Kepotek has provided tips and guidelines HERE.

Provide Translator On Game Chat

Translator On Game Chat

State of survival is a game based on a strong community, where you can meet and make friends with people from all over the world. The developer of the game state of survival provides a multi-language translator feature that works like google translate in chat rooms.

Communication between players will be very easy and fun so that players can understand the game more easily and quickly.

Gives Many Diamonds (Free Biocap)

You can get up to tens of thousands of free biocaps every week easily, if you are diligent in participating in events you can be very rich like a sultan without the need to spend personal money.

State of Survival Biocaps
State of Survival Biocaps Display and Price

You can imagine if you have to buy it, for the cheapest package $0.99 + tax and you only get 500 diamond capsules (biocap). While the price of the most expensive biocap package is $99.99+tax for 50k biocap, of course for the sultans it will not be a problem with the price.

However, what if you are f2p or low spender? But don’t worry, read how to use biocaps in state of survival (F2P and Low spenders).

Game Account can be SOLD

For those of you who want to increase your income, you can create an account and develop the account so that it is worthy of being sold to others, even at high price.

The method of selling a state of survival game account is quite easy, you only need to unbind the account and hand it over to the new owner after the price has been agreed and the payment transaction has been successfully paid to you according to the agreed price.

This opportunity is inseparable from the game developer who released the news about merging old servers into one server (state of survival state merge).

According to a survey we conducted and account reviews of game accounts that were traded at high prices with the criteria;

  • HQ has reached level 30 or above or has plasma building category.
  • Have good gear: chief gear, badges, hero gear, hero rank, etc.
  • Large number of troops and high-level research lab.

Thus the server that is starting to be empty, players can return so that the server will never be left by players because there are few players or become a dead state in the future.

Free VIP And Builder

Free VIP And Builder

Most strategy games usually require players to buy builders, but not state of survival (SOS/SS). You can get an extra builder by renting, which is exchanging 500 biocaps to use for 2 days.

All VIP tiers and premium benefits can be obtained for free in the state of survival game, just exchange biocaps to increase the VIP level. This breakthrough is good news for f2p, players without top up can have special benefits without having to pay.

State of Survival Events

Event State of Survival

Players will not get bored easily because the event is not monotonous, developers can always come up with new and fresh ideas that all state of survival twd players have been waiting for. There are lots of exciting events and contests that can be played either solo or with a team, so players won’t get bored quickly.

Every recent event schedule can be seen on the sos calendar and not suddenly, players and alliances have time to discuss the best strategy without panic.

Reservoir Raid

Reservoir Raid Event

The State of Survival reservoir is clash between the alliance states that are ranked in the top 20 of each state, depending on strength during the registration period.

The reservoir event takes place in 3 Phases:

  • PHASE 1 opening targets for Solar Power Plants – Abandoned Helipads – Water Treatment Centers – Water Treatment Plants. This phase is important because it opens two bonus targets.
  • PHASE 2 opening target Central Reservoir – Ammunition factory – Developer complex. these are three important targets of the game, Central Reservoir is the main target of the event and occupying it gives a great chance to win.
  • PHASE 3 opening total of 28 water collection points that appear randomly and refresh 3 times on the map. You must send troops to harvest in the same way you collect resources.

Alliance ShowDown State of Survival

Alliance ShowDown State of Survival

This event is PvP (player versus player) event between other states, your alliance will fight with other alliances automatically by the game system.

There are 3 paths that must be filled with the strongest troops and heroes by each alliance member, the higher the battle power stats, the greater the chance of victory.

Horde Event State of Survival

Horde Event State of Survival

The zombie horde event will be held every month on Tuesday and Thursday, the horde event is quite awaited by free to player, low spenders, and mid spenders. The horde event rewards the chief gear material which if you get a good rank (rank 1-10).

The number and strength of the hunter and rider soldiers are the key to victory in the infected mob event because the infantry does not score more during the horde event when the state is young,

But on the contrary when the age of the state is getting older.

There are 20 levels of infected waves that will attack alliance member settlements and alliance headquarters. Your job is to protect your settlement and your friends from attacks by hordes of monsters and zombies.

State Warfare State of Survival

State Warfare State of Survival

The State Warfare event is a major war that takes a lot of victims, both dead and seriously injured. The best players in the state unite to fight for or defend the Capital against other state.

Players will be given tasks to complete during the preparation stage to earn points and then prepare to fight in cross server clashes. The alliance that controls the Capital with the longest occupation time will be the victor in this event (accumulated 4 hours).

The event will begin when the state reaches the age of 98 days, then regularly held every month. There are 4 stages in this event, matching, preparation, stage war, and Awakening. There are many types of events that you can participate in, ranging from classics, festivals, and many more.

State of Survival Game Guide

State of Survival Game Guide

To help you understand the game state of survival The walking death team, the Kepotek team will specifically provide game guides and useful tips and tricks and can be guidelines for players, especially for low spenders and free to play.

The tips that we provide are facts and professional research that we get from various sources and have been tested by experienced players through real player accounts that are in state 742, 752, 845, 846, etc.

What is the focus in the game state of survival?

There are only 4 main focuses in the state of survival:

  • The chief gears.
  • Hero Gears.
  • Increase the rank of legendary heroes.
  • Plasma core (to level up building and advanced research).

Don’t be happy first, you need to know that it is not easy for players in the free to players (f2P) and low spenders categories because it is not easy to get it for free. While the bundles for these items are also not cheap and there are only a few discounts given by the developer.

But don’t worry, you just need to read and watch the video guide that we provide in the article or the Kepotek youtube channel. Then you will find it easier to get these items and materials for free and not buy the wrong bundles.

Especially low spenders and middle spenders can find out about bundles that must be purchased in the state of survival game, so your shopping will be more efficient and effective.

Using Plasma Cores in State of Survival

Using Plasma Cores in State of Survival

The plasma core function is to upgrade Headquarters (HQ), Hero Precincts, Barracks, Range, and Garage buildings after reaching HQ level 30 and completing state intel (reformation). Plasma cores are one of the most valuable resources in the state of survival.

Plasma cores are also used in researching Plasma Technology, you can see it in the Plasma Institute building, you need a lot of plasma to complete various research including Troops tier 11 (T11) and 12 (T12).

State of Survival HQ

State of Survival HQ

To reach the maximum level of the building you must upgrade the headquarters (HQ), there are 38 levels and 8 of them are plasma buildings. Raising HQ stars is not easy because it requires a lot of basic plasma core materials.

Of course this is not easy for f2p players, because it is difficult to get and also many think that the price offered is too expensive.

However, if viewed from another perspective, this can be considered as good news for free to players because they will not be left behind by mid class spenders.

State of Survival Hero

Hero State of Survival

There are many hero characters that players can find along with the age of the state, each generation has its own uniqueness but in general the next generation heroes have higher battle strength statistics than the previous generation.

There are 4 types of hero fragments in the state of survival game, namely elite, epic, legendary, and resonance heroes such as: Daryl (hunter), Wacko (infantry), Joker (raider), Mikoto, etc.

Best Hero State of Survival

In general, the higher the battle stats the hero has, the stronger his attack, defense, and lethality will be. Basically, the latest generation heroes have stronger battle statistics and must be upgraded to generals, starting from the 5th generation heroes.

Free to players should save legendary frames to upgrade 5th generation heroes such as Eli Emma, Roxy, and Tweak as a start, and prepare for the arrival of the next generation.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple because each hero has unique skills and must be combined properly. The goal is to get the best potential from skill effects and the best battle statistics, that’s the meaning of the best hero state of survival in the truest sense.

State of Survival Troops

State of Survival Troops

There are 3 types of troops in the state of survival game, namely infantry, hunters and riders, each type of troop certainly has its unique differences. Hunters deal more damage, but are weakest in terms of health and defense. In contrast to infantry which has higher defense and health but deals less damage.

Apart from hunters and infantry, there was another category is Riders. The Rider-type troops characteristics combined both defense and attack in march formation.

Solo Battle

If you want to attack another player’s settlement with a solo attack then you must send more infantry types in the troop composition.

it’s different if the attack is infected, the number of hunters and riders must be more to give higher damage.


If your tier and PVP stats are lower than other players then your troops will be killed or injured more, especially if you include infantry in the march when attacking settlements.

Advice, you should not bring infantry in the squad if you do not want any soldiers to be killed while attacking other settlements. You only need to bring hunters and riders if the rally leader doesn’t complain, while for the rally demons infected with trops will not die, they will only get hurt.

State of Survival Changing States

There are two requirements to get into other states. First, HQ must be below level 7 and second, if you haven’t logged in for two months into the game. In switching states you can choose the state that will be your new state, but that doesn’t mean you can move to all states.

Players can only move to states that have been suggested by the game system, there are 200 states that you can choose as an alternative. You need to visit the state first and make an assessment when migrating the state so as not to be disappointed in the future.

State of Survival Alliance

State of Survival Alliance

Players can create their own alliances and become leaders or join other alliances as members, in one alliance can accommodate 100 members including the leader. Alliances will compete with other alliances either within the state or between other states in various events.

Players are very obliged to join an alliance for various reasons and of course provide many benefits if joining a compact and wise alliance in every decision taken.

There are 5 levels of membership status in an alliance, the first is chairman (R5), alliance administrator (R4) and the rest R1 to R3 are ordinary members or members with special classifications. In many cases, R1 is usually an alliance member who has been inactive for a long time or is demoted due to a violation.

State of Survival Governor

State of Survival Governor

This event is a very prestigious event in every state, all alliances will fight for the status as governor. All in the state will show strength, skill, and strategy in this event. In addition, this event provides prizes in the form of Chief gear badge which is quite a lot, especially if you can get a high rank.

State of Survival T11 and T12

This troop tier is the highest and strongest, so far very few of the free-to-player (f2p) that can reach troop level 11 (T11). Here’s why: The requirement to be able to have T11 and T12 soldiers players must upgrade the research lab building to level 5 which is certainly very wasteful of plasma cores.

In addition, you also have to carry out various research requirements that are requested.

State of Survival PC

State of Survival PC
Emulator specification device for best performance

This game can be downloaded on the play store if you are an android smart phone user and the app store if you are an iphone user. As for desktop (PC) use, you can install the android emulator first and then download the game via the google play store and install it.

The minimum specification for a computer device is Windows 10 by using an Android operating system emulator nougat or above if you want to get the best performance for the playing experience.

Oasis Guess State of Survival

This event is very easy, you just need to answer 10 questions given every day, for each correct answer will be given 5 points. After you reach the required target points, you can get a spin roulette chip rewards with various types of attractive rewards in it.

If you are lucky, players will get prizes for tactical equipment design items and plasma cores and others.

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Lack Game State of Survival

State of survival does provide free socializing space between players and alliances but creates a gap that is too far between paid players and free players. Developers were too quick to upgrade troop tiers, plasma builds, HQ skin frames, chief gear, and hero gear.

Besides that, getting legendary fragments is also very expensive and difficult for free players to be left too far behind in the game mechanics. This situation means that free players must retire immediately or buy as many bundles as possible to enjoy this game.

Bugs in Game state Of survival

Even though this game frequently updates patches, the old bugs still exist, even though this game still presents various new events that are varied and quite interesting to follow.

Thus the review of the game State of survival that we have collected from various sources and personal experience.

Share this article, if you think it is useful for others. Your appreciation in any form means a lot to keep learning, sharing, and continuing the struggle together.

Thank you. Best Regards, State of Survival!

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