Relocator State of Survival Item Tips Trick

Relocator State of Survival Item Tips Trick

The function of the relocator item is to move the settlement to another location, there are 6 types of relocators in the State of Survival (SoS) game and only the most important one is the advance relocator.

However, at the beginning of the server this type of relocator is a rare item, so you have to take advantage of other types of relocators to save money.

Here are the types of telocators, their functions, and an explanation of how to use the relocator. in the game state of survival.

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State of Survival Relocator Type

You need to understand how to use all types of relocators especially for beginners in new state or servers, you will be given quite a lot of chief relocators and only one alliance relocator item.

Type Relocator State of Survival

You have to use it efficiently, for example when you are confident enough to join an alliance, you can use the relocator to move your settlement to a position near the alliance leader.

Below are all types of relocators, how to use them, and where you can find relocator items for free.

Alliance Relocator State of Survival

On the new server (new state) you will get this relocator for free, alliance members can move settlements close to the location of the alliance leader.

Relocator Alliance State of Survival


Alliance Relocator has limitations as it cannot be used for certain events, such as the azur tane reservoir and various other events.

Advanced Relocator

The function of the advance relocator is to move the settlement to the desired location as long as the area is not an area that has been controlled by another alliance. The advanced relocator can also withdraw the march instantly, so you don’t have to wait for the march to return to the settlement.

In practice, this relocator is widely used to approach the target or stay away from threats instantly or quickly.

Advance relocator can also be used for all types of events, therefore you should have a lot of backup advance relocator.

Random Relocator State of Survival

Random relocator is an item that functions to move settlements randomly in your state, you cannot move settlements if there are still marches outside the settlement.

Random Relocator State of Survival

Territory Relocator

The function of the territory relocator is to move the headquarters or settlement to the area designated by the alliance leader on the condition that you cannot move or choose certain locations around the alliance with the regional relocator.

How to use Territory Relocator State of Survival

If you want to use it, then make sure all marching soldiers and heroes have returned to the settlement, after that you can use the alliance relocator to move according to the coordinates given by the alliance leader.

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Well, those are some types of relocators in the state of survival game that you must understand and know the tips and tricks on how to use them properly and correctly effectively and efficiently.

Starting from what are the functions of alliance relocators, advanced relocators, random relocators, and territory relocators.

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