Influencer Trap Guide Tips State of Survival

Tips State of Survival Influencer Trap Guide

Influencer Trap Guide State of Survival: Trap is a classic event that is held every 2 days. In this event, players will get prizes in the form of materials whose function is to improve the quality of hero gear.

To increase the reward the player must attack the trapped zombies, the reward calculation is based on the level of damage dealt to the trapped zombies. Here are point tips and tricks on the trap event.

Influencer Trap Preparation Tips State of Survival

Before starting the event, players should do the preparation, which will make it easier for you when opening a rally or participating in another player’s rally.

The influencer trap event only has 30 minutes, so make the most of the opportunity as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  1. Talent settings in war mode.
  2. Hero and army formation.
  3. Use the leader skill.

The following are important points that must be considered in doing influencer trap preparation tips:

Setting Talent Leader on War Mode

Prioritize choosing talents that focus on increasing the attack power of hunters and riders, because they have greater damage than infantry.

Setting Talent Leader on War Mode

The higher the leader’s talent level, the better, besides that you will get a passive chairman buff which will greatly help increase the damage to trap events and can be used to support various other events.

Influencer Trap Guide Formations

You have to set up two main types of formations, the first to be used to lead the rally and the second to fill the rally of friends.

Formation 1: The captain is led by a rider hero and a rider type army.

Rally Army and Hero Formation
Formation 1 Rally Army and Hero

Notice: Prioritize using legendary heroes as captains, because they give extra buffs to rally chargers.

Formation 2: The captain is led by a Specialist hero hunter and soldiers of the same type (hunter Troops)

Influencer Trap Guide Tips State of Survival
Formation 2 Rally and Hero

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Activate Chief Skill (Massive March)

Coinciding with the start of the event, you must immediately activate the leader’s skill, where this skill can increase 10% of the army’s capacity. Can be sent on every march and will certainly increase the chance of getting more damage scores.

You can also adjust the formation by utilizing the massive march skill in the previous days, so players no longer have to bother adding march capacity manually when the event starts.

How to Activate Chief Skill (Massive March)
How to Activate Chief Skill (Massive March) State of Survival

Influencer Trap Tricks SoS

After making preparations, you can proceed to the next step, which is to attack the trapped zombies. Tips and tricks that must be applied in order to maximize the score in the trap event. You can try it according to the guide below:

Join the Rally of the Best Leaders

As soon as possible you must send a march to the best rally leader available. In general, the best marches are owned by the spenders.

Where they can give a bigger damage buff for rally fillers. Supported by more rally capacity slots, allowing more players to join the rally. Of course this will increase the damage impact of squad attacks.

Do not rush

It’s better to wait for the best rally leader than to enter all rallies, to shorten the time players can join through the alliance chatroom, rather than entering through the available rally icons. like the picture below.

You must successfully send the march to the best rally leader in accordance with the formations that have been prepared previously, where the march is led by hunter heroes and hunter soldiers.

Alternative: If you don’t have the ideal troop number, then you can combine it with a raider-type army.

It is not permitted to carry infantry unless the number of troops is very limited.

Tricks to Open Influencer Trap Rally

Opening a rally attack must be led by a rider hero and followed by only rider-type soldiers.

It is mandatory to place the legendary rider hero as the captain of every rally that you open, because it can provide additional benefits for the squad.

Tricks to Open Influencer Trap Rally
Tricks Open Influencer Trap Rally

Why The Rider? Hero and army type riders are very flexible in the acceleration of the march, in other words the rally you open can accommodate other marches that are part of the rally you open.

Injury Time

When there is not much time left, you should join the available rally. There is no need for rules at this stage, as all players will rush into the rest of the rally that is still open.

Bonus tips

If the influencer’s level is very low, don’t enter the rally that opens the first time, because damage doesn’t count in damage points.

Example: at level 1, the HP of the zombies is only 75k, meaning that in the first attack it is certain that the influencer will die, thus the rally filler will not get sharing points.

Even if you are the rally leader, you will only get 75k points of damage, while the difference in damage does not count towards the points calculation. While the rally filler will not get any damage points at all from the results of the attack.

Then you should take part in the second or subsequent rally, where all damage points will be calculated normally.

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Causes of Failed Traps

There are many factors that cause failure to eliminate zombie traps and players must know what problems are causing them.

Basically the failure of the trap event due to insufficient damage to eliminate trapped zombies.

Often donated sells are ignored by players, but they can provide increased attack and defense in trap events.

Each increase in cell level will give 5 percent additional strength and attack buff Up to 25%.

Tips Donate Energy Cells

Tips donate energy cells: Officers and alliance leaders must remind players to donate energy cells up to the maximum level.

If the cells have reached level 5 immediately stop donating, because it is useless and should be used at the next influencer trap event.

Trap Level Too High

Determining the level of the trap is in the hands of R5 and R4, they have to estimate the level that can be beaten.

Solution: Unlock low-level traps and then gradually increase them so you can estimate the total damage that can be done each time the event is held.

Trap Event Schedule

The more players attend the trap event, the greater the damage that can be generated and is definitely directly proportional to the prize acquisition.

However, there is something even worse when members can’t progress because they don’t have the material to upgrade the hero’s gear when unable to attend due to poor scheduling.

Solution: Make two time zone schedules so that players from various continents will get justice, both for European, U.S. and Asian players.

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If you want to get more solo trap scores, you have to strengthen your attack and defense by upgrading gear, research, heroes, etc.

Those are the tips on the Influencer Trap Guide State of Survival tips that are very important and very influential in the SOS game.

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