Event and Contest State Of Survival SOS

Event State of Survival

Events and Contests SoS State Of Survival there are many ways in the game state of survival and it is very important to know the event schedule, so that players can prepare themselves.

No need to panic when participating in any ongoing events or upcoming state of survival events.

The following is a summary of all events and schedules contained in the game state of survival:

  1. Clasic event.
  2. Contest.
  3. Festival.
  4. Exclusive.
  5. Latest events and special events.

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SOS State of Survival Events and Contest

List of SOS State of Survival Events and Contest

We have collected data from all servers in the state of survival (SoS) game as well as additional information from the latest news released by the state of survival game development company, Kings Group.

Here are the events and contests that you can participate in in the state of survival game The Zombie Apocalypse:

Bunker and Facility

State of Survival Event Bunker and Facility

Mastering forts and facilities will provide additional buffs for all alliance members, so the more fortified facilities and bunkers you control, the more profitable the alliance will be.

Each facility and bunker offers different prizes and different buff benefits or buff accumulation if you get several facilities with the same type of buff advantage.

Alliance rankings will be accumulated along with the number of bunkers and fortified facilities controlled and at the end of the season members will get alliance achievement prizes according to the points they have collected.

Capital Clash

The capital clash SOS state of survival event is the highlight of the bunker and facilities which is held once every 14 days.

The alliance leader who wins the capital clash event can appoint an elected governor, otherwise the alliance chairman will automatically become the governor of the state or server.

This event is a prestigious event where all alliances on the server will fight for the titles of rulers. The prize offered is a reinforcement badge for the completion of the leader, which is very difficult to get for free.

Reservoir Raid and League RR

Your alliance is considered to win if it can collect more pure water than the opposing alliance. If your alliance passes the qualification, then your alliance can participate in the reservoir league in the future.

Reservoir guide And Tips Tricks: During the battle in the reservoir raid, players don’t need to worry because all soldiers will not be injured or die permanently, after the event is over, all soldiers will be fully restored automatically as before.


The higher the level of the alliance, the more prizes that can be obtained by all members as well as achievement prizes that are achieved personally or solo rank.

There are five levels in the alliance challenge event including:

  • Rookie.
  • Contender.
  • Challenger.
  • Expert.
  • Champion (the last one is the champion as well as the maximum level of throwdown).

Hunting the Hunter

The first hunting the hunter event was held at the beginning of the server opening and after that the travis hunting event would be held regularly every two weeks.

Players have two days to hunt, you have to kill the infected who are caught on the radar (Intel) as well as in the abandoned zone.

Every time you eliminate an infected you can get random prizes in the form of biocaps, travis hunting logs, acceleration, and chief stamina

Plague Zone (PZ)

Neutralizing the plague zone by killing the boss is also an alliance event because it gives Jane a number of tokens and hero fragments.

Each zombie boss has a difficulty level and the highest is level 6, to defeat the boss several players must form a team and start attacking the marked area and then conquer the boss.

Teams that successfully neutralize the plague zone will get a number of prizes and chests containing elite, epic hero fragments, and also Frank and Medie’s hero fragments if they conquer zones with difficulty level 4 and above.

Alliance Showdown (Beta)

State of Survival Event Alliance Showdown Beta

Alliance showdown state of survival event is a beta version of alliance war, you don’t need to manually control anything during this event.

Players only need to choose one of the 3 available lanes with the best troops and heroes they have or move lanes and change the composition of the troops included in the beta alliance clash.

The R4 alliance manager and R5 chairman have the right to determine the participation of players in this event or change the formation of players in each round if needed.

Infected Horde

In the event of infected horde, players must defend their settlements with their best troops and heroes from attacks by zombie groups.

Infected mobs will come in as many as 20 waves and attack the settlements and alliance headquarters some of which are random attacks during waves 7 and 17 which only attack 15 of your alliance members. Meanwhile, in waves 10 and 20 infected mobs will attack your alliance headquarters.

You’ll earn points based on the number of zombies your soldiers can kill while defending your headquarters, helping friends against zombie attacks, and protecting alliance headquarters.

Kill Stage/Kill Event (KE)

In the kill stage event (KE) players will compete to get points by killing soldiers, injuring opponents, or seriously injured from the opposing party.

In addition, soldiers who are injured or die on the side of the attacker will also get points in the kill stage event. It is mandatory for players to use balloons or shields when offline for the security of settlements from enemy attacks.

Players can attack other settlements with solo attacks or rallies in this alliance kill stage event.

Wild Racing

Players only need to complete daily missions and collect points after completing all event missions to claim all rewards.

In general, spenders will buy bundles offered in this event, because the items sold are very good at special prices.

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Survival of the Fittest (Soft)

Survival of the Fittest Event State of Survival SoS

There are six to seven stages in this event, players have to compete against other players and even other states.

Prizes ranked 1 will get hundreds of fragments of the latest generation of legendary heroes that are adjusted to the age of the server or State.

Spin Ray and Hero

The maximum spin that can be done by each player is 150 opportunities and in this event players have the opportunity to get the latest legendary hero fragments.

To get spin ray and hero opportunities, players can buy chips through the game store or exchange biocaps to buy opportunities. Players need 135-150K biocaps to spend available spin opportunities or 135-150 chips.

Valuable Vouchers

Valuable vouchers are one way to get hero fragments, hero skill books, plasma cores and so on. You can also get through this event in the SOS state of survival game.

Players can exchange a maximum of 100 vouchers at each event, you can get valuable vouchers through purchasing a bundle store at the state of survival game store or by exchanging biocaps for vouchers.

M.I.G.O and Y.I.T.H

Low spenders and free to players (F2P) are very obliged to take full advantage of this event, because this event gives players the opportunity to get chief gear and various prizes in the form of premium items.

There are many shows that are incorporated in Y.I.T.H and M.I.G.O, while the highlight events in each episode are State Warfare SVS (state VS state) and dungeon exploration events.

Players will find this event when the server age has passed 100 days and has completed all state intel missions.

Azurtane Heist

It can be said that the Azurtane Heista event is pure PVP (Player vs Player), no one can help you in this event, you will fight for supplies by mining in the gas factory and eliminating zombies to add points.

Your soldiers will not die or be injured in the azurtane event and other players will not be able to attack other players’ settlements.

Skills, gear, reaserch Y.I.T.H, and advanced relocators will be very helpful in the azurtane event. In the first trial of the azurtane event, Kings Group received a lot of criticism from players because it was very imbalanced.

Warfare or SVS

In event warfare (svs) your state will be at war with other states, players can cross from other state during the SVS war stage event.

In general, all the top players in each state will join an alliance and invade other state very brutally.

There will be many soldiers who will be killed and seriously injured during this event if you are not vigilant, though you don’t need to worry too much because 90% of the dead troops can be revived with vouchers.

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Event and Contest State Of Survival SOS Calendar

Those are some of the events and contests that you can participate in when playing the SoS state of survival game, starting from the classic event mode, contests, festivals, exclusives, and the latest events.

In addition to routine events as stated above, Kings Group also organizes various special events on big days and state of survival birthdays. Even state of survival also holds additional carnival-themed events such as Halloween and others.

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